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Thunder Wolff

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The Kidd

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Jenny Jupiter

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Legend of War

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Ender Cat



Kendra: Backstage interviewer UUW

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Ms Q: Ring Announcer

Priya: Backstage Interviewer

Cooper Sharp: Doctor

"Sophisticated" Bubba: GM of Rox

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    Mark's targets

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    Mark's targets

    Post by The Mark on Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:43 pm

    To let it be known, Mark has three targets that he wants to hurt and hurt badly. As of now, only one has been revealed, but to make others prepare/know who in particular he's interested in.

    1. Artist X (to be removed not only from the Kotsu family, but eliminated from the company)

    2. Joe "Joseph" Lawson (for hurting Yamikotsu and taking back his command from the rightful queen of the company) He knows that Ridakotsu will be a problem in this matter.

    3. Whoever holds the Global Championship. Gold however isn't his intention, rather to cause misery and suffering to the champion; just as he had to endure with the Dreamchaser Championship.

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