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World Title UUW
Thunder Wolff/ JT

Peoples Title
The Kidd

Sky Rider title
Jenny Jupiter

Tag Tiles

Global Title

Legend of War

Ap Title
John "Snow Blind" Blanco

Dreamchaser title



Kendra: Backstage interviewer UUW

Wolffer: GM of UUW main show

Leo: Ring side announcer team member

GC: ring side announcer Team member

Sarah: ring announcer

Miss K: Back Stage set Interviewer


Joe Lawson: CEO of AP

Amaya Knight: GM of AP

Alexis Lawson: Face Commentator

Mr. J: Heel Commentator

Ms Q: Ring Announcer

Priya: Backstage Interviewer

Cooper Sharp: Doctor

"Sophisticated" Bubba: Talent Manager

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    ROX 16-8-2017

    Snow Blind

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    Re: ROX 16-8-2017

    Post by Snow Blind on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:41 pm

    Yes like me lol, for a thrown together show was not bad at all, like cards, simualar but different, Great job guys and gals

    "The Best" Edomite

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    ROX 16-8-2017

    Post by "The Best" Edomite on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:00 pm

    Sorry wolffer i know you are the man who always did it but Some ppl didn't watch the show yet due to another show glitch TWG has

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