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    Mind Over Matter


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    Mind Over Matter

    Post by anarkey on Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:32 pm

    [This is not a separate storyline from Anti-Establishment, this is just more information on Anarkey's motives and general mindset - and the changes he will be going through]

    As everyone is aware, Anarkey didn't stay the same very long once he got back. One promo, one match, and things changed.

    Anarkey got it into his head that he needed to step up his game, he needed to be ruthless, on a level he hadn't really touched on before.

    So he went away, and came back with a new face, with a new personality and a new set of morals. He's now more willing to bend rules and get extreme - though he isn't a heel, even if he might act like one sometimes.

    He is also going to slowly descend deeper and deeper into a hardcore mindset - asking for first blood matches, hardcore matches, maybe even resorting to weapons in regular matches.

    This means he is also working on his pain threshold, and the amount he can take in at any point. Maybe he starts getting up from moves quicker, or it takes a couple more to put him down - maybe a chair shot doesn't floor him immediately like it would other people, maybe he can take being dropped onto thumbtacks to come back and keep fighting.

    More backstage attacks, more disturbing promos, more weapons, and more blood.

    Oh, and it's up to Kryo if he wants to help Anarkey with this, or stay out of his way.

    [I have added a lot more hardcore moves into his custom moveset, and I've added one to the tag team bio aswell]


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    Re: Mind Over Matter

    Post by Rrm11 on Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:57 pm

    Just to add on...

    Kryo has drawn a liking to Anarkey. His talk of brining down the corrupt and unjust swayed Kryo to put on the mask. While he isn’t in the same realm of hardcore of Anarkey, Kryo prefers to be the more sane half of the group, but that does not mean Kryo will not dip into the hardcore side. Kryo prefers to be a tweener. He is not friendly with the higher ups nor does he think the people who believe they are doing good are free to not be judged.

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